Meet the Model: Staci Pratt May 20, 2016 10:19

Meet the face of our latest Bailey Blue photo shoot, Orange County babe, Staci Pratt! On her off days you can find her working in the beauty industry, writing scripts, or traveling the world. Aside from her killer features and amazing presence on set, Staci always brings with her a contagious positive attitude. We just cannot wait to see where her career takes her. Read on to hear more about how Staci got started, some wise words she lives by, and what she does on her off days:

staci pratt

Where are you from and how has it influenced who you are?

I’m a born and raised Orange County, California girl.  I think growing up where I did provided lots of opportunity to be involved in the arts any way I could, from acting classes to an all arts high school to LA internships.

staci pratt

How did you get into modeling and what is your favorite part?

I’ve modeled sporadically throughout my life.  My parents actually got me into acting and singing when I was a little girl so I wouldn't be shy, and sure enough that was the springboard into a career.  My favorite part about plus size modeling is being able to inspire others to love their bodies and the clothes they wear.

 staci pratt

What are some wise words you try to live by?

“Be positive, patient and persistent, because I can and I will.”  The industry requires this kind of positive thinking.  It’s easy to let others influence how or what you think, so it’s really up to oneself to maintain clarity in positive thinking.

 staci pratt

If you had to describe yourself with one song what would it be?

The song that best describes me right now is “Happy” by Pharrell Williams.  It is a great reminder to stay positive and not to let others influence your attitude, and to have fun doing what you love!

 staci pratt

What was your last big adventure and what did you take away from your experience?

My last big adventure was actually not too long ago.  My boyfriend and I took a trip to Dubai!  It’s always been on my bucket list as a place I’ve wanted to travel to.  The biggest thing I learned was you can’t let other people's fears influence where you want to travel to in the world.  A part of traveling the world is experiencing the vast cultures everywhere, and as long as you travel smart and with respect for one another, there is so much we can learn and explore.

staci pratt

On your days off from modeling what would we find you doing?

I’m involved with an anti-aging company called Nerium.   I love working with this company because I get to do it with my mom on my days off and we have a blast!  We share amazing products with people that take care of your body on the inside and out.  The company was also a part of starting the Live Happy Movement which is an organization that influences and teaches people different ways to create a positive and happy environment for themselves and others!

 staci pratt

What is your number one go to accessory right now?

My go to accessory is my classic Micheal Kors rose gold watch.  I feel like I can wear it with anything and that it brings my look from “drab to fab”.  It's super easy when I don’t know what else to do.        

staci pratt

What is your favorite thing about Bailey Blue Clothing?

My favorite things about Bailey Blue Clothing are the great clothes and the fantastic people behind the brand.  I love how the clothes emphasize a waist line and the material is high quality, smoothing and highlighting your curves in a positive way.  Plus, the women behind the Bailey Blue brand are fantastic!  Everyone is so nice and works very hard to bring a positive atmosphere to the shoot and brand.   I'm so grateful and happy to be a part of it!

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