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Mask Guide

Sizing πŸ“

Kids 3 & Under 🐣

Perfect for the little ones! 3 & under say it all...

Kids 3-8

The ideal mask size for most kids 3-8. If your child is 3-4 years old and on the smaller end, go for the "Kids 3 & Under." If they are 7-8 years old and on taller end, go for the "Adults (Regular)"
The Bailey Blue Tie Dye Face Coverings (Kids 3-8) Masks Bailey Blue Tie Dye - Hendrix (Special Edition)
We recommend getting kids the "Ultimate" masks as they come with a soft loop that rests around the neck to make sure they do not fall off when removed.

The Ultimate (Kids) Masks Bailey Blue Pattern - Rainbow Cheetah


Perfect for most teens and adults! This is our most commonly sold mask size.
Adult face coverings are approximately 7.5” wide by 5” high. The strap that wraps around the ear is 5” long.

Adults (XL)

Made for the big guys & those whoΒ prefer the maximum amount of face coverage. Also great for men with beards! πŸ§”πŸ»

Mask Care πŸ’¦

The best way to keep your face covering clean and looking new is to hand wash separately with cold water and lay flat to air dry. This is our best practice recommendation and a requirement to be eligible for an exchange should a defect occur.

Β If you do wash your masks in a washing machine, make sure to throw them in a small mesh bag to prevent tearing, and know that the mask may shrink or fade more quickly, especially if you throw them in the dryer afterwards.